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18th January 2022 

What happens in a Counselling Session, how it could help you and what issues do people go to counselling with?

What happens in a Counselling Session?

On a regular basis, we meet in the counselling room, which is currently a virtual one via Zoom.
Here I will listen carefully to you, with respect and together we will work with whatever is causing you difficulty in your life. Generally this will be done by talking and paying attention to the body.

How can counselling help you?

Each person is individual and your experience of counselling will be unique to you. However here are some general outcomes that most clients experience:

  • Getting to know yourself in a new way - perhaps by gaining some acceptance of things that have been difficult
  • Becoming more self aware
  • Feeling a greater sense of control
  • Feeling both more positive and less overwhelmed by negatives
  • Being able to make decisions that support you
  • Experiencing being supported unconditionally

What are the issues that people go to counselling with?

The list below is not comprehensive. Please feel free to contact me if you are unsure whether what you want to come with is suitable.
    Anxiety or fear
    Issues or difficulties from your past
    Panic attacks
    Stress related problems
    Relationship problems - at home or at work
    Emotional or physical pain
    Depression/feelings of worthlessness
    Low self-esteem/lack of confidence
    Feeling lost or confused
    Midllife crisis
    Post-natal depression
    Domestic violence
    Anger management
    Emotional or physical abuse